4 Proven Ways to Recycle Kids’ Toys

  • by Jacob Riff

Toys are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after items for kids, but kids’ desire to replace them with something new is also uncontrollable. If you are a parent, you would probably know how crazy the little souls go when a new item hits the market. Their interest in the old toys fades away, and they start dreaming of playing with the newest collection. As a result, a huge mountain of damaged and obsolete toys comes into being. 

Instead of throwing that mountain away, you should go for the recycling option as it would have long-standing benefits for you and other kids as well. Here, we have unveiled some innovative ways that will help you recycle the toys. Let’s dive in.

Donating Them to Others

Donating the obsolete toys to the needy kids would go a long way in creating an inclusive society. It will also help you understand how small things can make a huge difference.  You can find needy kids in shelters or child care centers and put a sparkling smile on their faces through your donation. Several non-profits also collect used toys and remake them to enhance their functionality. So, donate them now to feel the peace of giving.

Library Checkouts

While everyone knows that the public libraries are a great place to acquaint children with the books, but do you also know that several libraries have toys checkouts? These check-outs function the same way as book checkouts but are a great way for the kids to see new collections. Generally, families check-out several toys, take them home for 1-2 weeks, and exchange them for new ones upon return. So, you can donate your toys now to make your actions count.

Garage Sales

This method would be perfect if your kids want to buy new toys from their saved money. There are several sale points where you can sell outgrown toys and get the money in return. You can then use this money to buy some other stuff or new toys. Selling the toys on the sales not only teaches your kids the skills of saving, it also enables them to value the worth of material things. Next time you buy something, they will not damage or break it unnecessarily.

Recycling Broken Toys

While it’s easy to donate unbroken toys, things become difficult when you have broken toys as nobody would accept them.  So what should you do in that scenario?

Luckily, several e-waste recycling initiatives can help you get rid of the waste.  People in these programs collect plastic from different places and reprocess it to make the medical equipment. Similarly, they also wash and melt the plastic to make useful electronic circuits. Therefore, if you have a toy that is not in a playable condition, handing it over to the recycling factories would be the best bet. 

Recycling toys will not only reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfills, it will also help needy souls celebrate the little joys of life. So, recycle today for a better tomorrow! 


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