Celebrate Easter With Your Kids! Here are Some Great Gifts

  • by Jacob Riff

Easter is knocking on the door and parents are looking for cool gift ideas for their kids. For many families, a glorious Easter gift is one which features candies, adorned eggs, and marshmallow chicks. However, there’s much more to this great event than eggs and candies.

On this Easter, you can surprise your little one in many exciting ways. From toys to games and crafts to stuffies, there are countless items you can pop into that basket to win the day.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best Easter gifts for babies and kids. These gifts can fit almost any budget and are fun as well. So, let’s read about them without ado.

LOL Surprise!

LOL Surprise! is a famous doll brand which has swept the world with its unique idea. As the name suggests, the brand is all about entertaining kids with surprise dolls.

Basically, LOL dolls come in an egg containing different layers of fun stickers, secret messages, and finally a doll. The doll you get is rarely the one you see on the packaging, which is something kids extremely like as it gives them the suspense of unboxing. Now, join it with the thrill of Easter and it’s the perfect gift!

Plush Toys

Maybe you are unaware, but plush toys have great value in kids’ life. Even if your kid has a lot of toys, gifting them one or more plush toys this Easter will totally delight them.

Featuring a gorgeous appearance and cute, smiley faces, these true, soft best friends are exactly what your kid will want to spend their Easter with.

When talking about plush toys, you might want to check out Wonderpark Boomer Plush Bear Doll. It’s super soft and always ready to offer a big bear hug to your little one.

Hot Wheels

Gifting your little one a Hot Wheels item this Easter could be a great way to make their day. This brand is famous for offering some of the sturdiest and most stylish toy cars, large vehicles, and track sets which your kid can use to race different vehicles of this brand.

Most importantly, HW has collector series of toys which people are mad about. Because of this, the price of the HW item you gift your kid this Easter can go up over time, which is something your little one will absolutely love.

Water Toys

Water toys can keep toddlers and tweens happy for several hours. So, if you are looking to go out of your way to surprise your little one this Easter, you can’t go wrong with water toys. These toys are fun and provide kids with a way to stay occupied in their backyards, which is something all parents want as they are confined to their homes due to COVID 19.

Easter is a day to make new memories and gifting your little one water toys will make it easier to do so. 

If you are short of ideas on what to buy, please take a look at Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast Water Blaster. It is a practical and exciting toy for kids of all ages and will keep them entertained for several hours.

So, these were some great Easter gifts for kids. From providing hours of entertainment to giving big bear hugs, these toys have a lot to offer to your little one. Please pick a toy which you believe will please your kid the most and make this Easter a memorable one for them.


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