How STEM Toys Can Benefit Your Kids

  • by Jacob Riff

Albert Einstein, the most influential scientist of the 20th century, once said that playing with a compass at the age of 5 left a lasting impression on him. He also went on to say that the curiosity he had developed in his early childhood inspired him to do more in the field of science.

While we can’t promise that offering toys to your kids would make them prominent, we are sure that it would dramatically improve their analytical skills. Most importantly, it would train their minds to skillfully solve complex problems, something your kids must learn to beat the cut-throat competition. Here, we have outlined some amazing educational benefits of toys that will definitely help your kids excel in their lives.

Increased Levels of IQ

When kids play with creative toys, they not only master the art of memory retention but also learn intricate coordination skills.

There are various toys that can be manipulated into shapes of different sizes and structures. When kids try different strategies to reshape a character, they basically challenge their mind, which eventually translates into enhanced IQ levels. Similarly, puzzle games also require additional levels of creativity and help kids develop useful problem-solving skills.

Encourage Imagination

Let’s face it. The advancement in technology and the subsequent advent of screens have stolen the innate imagination of kids. Instead of drawing colorful shapes and creating paper toys, they tend to spend the entire time in front of TV screens. As a result, their creativity has disappeared!

However, this problem can be tackled by providing them with toys that enable the use of hands and eyes. The Spa Paint Sketch It Nail Pens Salon is one such item that will rejuvenate your kids’ creativity and help them recognize various colors.


Emotional Development

 Do you know that dolls have a striking influence on the emotional development of kids? Regardless of kids’ gender, they are always attracted to other kids; and their love for dolls is an extension of this.

In the beginning, being close to dolls helps them feel secure.  As they grow older, they begin to treat the doll as their own baby. They cuddle, comb, and dress their lovely chicks and learn the values of empathy in the process.

Build Recognition

Enabling your kids to recognize different patterns from an early age is crucial to solidify their identification skills. Toys like shape sorters are highly beneficial as they allow your kids to match related items and recognize different shapes. Similarly, Lego blocks can also help them organize the structures and identify colors.


Improvement in Math Skills

Don’t you want to tap into the power of learning through play? Well, toys can do it for you!

There are countless games and toys that not only teach alphabets and words but also supplement learning with fun. Similarly, your kids can master the simple tasks of addition, subtraction, and multiplication by playing with math toys.   So, instead of buying boring toys that do not nurture cognitive skills, you should go for LeapFrog RockIt Twist Game as it will enable your kids to learn math and enjoy the learning process.  

Are you ready to feel the wrath of creative toys? Well, pay heed to the aforementioned suggestions. We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised!


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