Activity Ideas for Thanksgiving This Year

  • by Jacob Riff

Roasting the turkey and eating the pumpkin pie are certainly the most popular Thanksgiving traditions, but it does not mean that other funny activities can’t be added to this event. Thanksgiving is one of those days where not only kids, even adults can get bored and feel restless while waiting for their favorite dishes to be cooked. Moreover, the little monsters can also stop you from cooking and cleaning if they somehow manage to swarm the kitchen.  And let’s be honest, not offering them something to ward off their boredom is a big injustice!

Here, we have come up with fun Thanksgiving activities that will keep the little souls hooked; thereby enabling you add finishing touches to the meal.  

Thanksgiving Crafts

Interested in keeping the kids occupied for hours? The Thanksgiving-themed crafts will do the trick. An amazing thing about the crafts is that kids would not need adult supervision to enjoy the fun. You can give them colored pages and ask them to make different shapes. In addition, you can also ask them to paint the mini-pumpkins, which can be used later to decorate the Thanksgiving table. If you are enjoying the holiday away from your friends, have your kids create colorful Thanksgiving cards and send to someone they want to wish the day.

Board Games

Several board and card games have the potential to help kids learn arithmetic, strategy, and analysis.  If your kids are not ready for the physical games, you can divert their attention by offering something creative and puzzling. For instance, you can have your children play UNO Despicable Me Card Game as they would relish matching the card of their favorite Despicable Me character with the one shown on top of deck. Likewise, the Chess: Destiny Collector’s Set will enable them to compete fiercely to beat their rival. Ultimately, you can gift them Ply School Flash Cards Set to create a memorable experience and enhance the delight.

Tail Feather Tag

Here is another exciting game that will keep the kids engaged and pleased. To start, ask each kid to color a clothespin with a marker and attach a craft foam or googly eyes with it. Once all the players have a decorated pin attached to the back of their shirts, you can say “Go!” On your call, everyone will try to grab the other’s clothespins without losing their own. A player will be considered out if their clothespin is taken. Similarly, the last person whose pin is still attached to the shirt will be the winner.  

Coloring Tablecloth

Want to skyrocket your kids’ happiness during Thanksgiving? Let them color the tablecloth. You can use art paper or wrapping paper to cover the table, whereas the dried cans can be utilized to hold the colored pencils and crayons. Now, ask the young artist to showcase their painting skills by drawing different shapes on the tablecloth. Never forget to give them a round of applause once they are done as it will boost their morale.

Ready to Make Your Celebrations Special?

Though your Thanksgiving plans will be scaled down a bit due to COVID-19, you can still enjoy the celebrations by adding these activities to your Thanksgiving dinner. A little preplanning will undoubtedly go a long way in making your kids giggle till they wiggle!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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