Best Gifts For Your Family This Hanukkah

  • by Jacob Riff

Hanukkah, also known as the Jewish Festival of Lights, is going to take place from December 10 to December 18 this year. While it’s true that celebrations of this event focus primarily around miracles –both small and big –it does not mean you cannot shower your loved ones with the precious presents over the course of holidays. Some people choose to send and receive gifts just once, whereas others love to share the delight on all eight nights of Hanukkah. However, you don’t have to fret over the selection of gifts as we are going to unveil an assortment of well-vetted presents that will fit every taste.



Dreidels were used to study the Torah in secret when a Greek King outlawed all sorts of religious activities for Jews. Gifting the dreidels on Hanukkah will allow your Jewish friends to celebrate the rich history of their religion. You can also teach your little kids how to play this beloved game by spinning the wooden dreidels and then performing the actions based on the side they land on.

Guardians of Galaxy Gear Up Card Game

Hanukkah holidays mean you have plenty of time to spend with your friends and family. And yes, playing an exciting card game with them is sure to give ample fuss.  The Guardian of Galaxy Gear Up Card Game is a thrilling entertainment, providing amazing opportunities to see your favorite Guardians of the Galaxy characters in action.  Competing for victory and twisting the outcomes in your favor are the things that you will enjoy the most while playing this game on the eve of Hanukkah.  

Risk: Walking Dead Survival Edition

Obviously, adults are not the only one who deserve to enjoy the endless thrill of the Walking Dead. This Risk: Walking Dead Survival Edition is an innovative masterpiece, offering new ways for the players to compete for survival. The map of the game is set in the southeast region of US where everyone tries to ward off the attacks of undead by employing diverse self-preservation strategies. Playing this game with your family members on Hanukkah nights will surely pump everyone with thrill and excitement.

Chess: Destiny Collector’s Set

Know someone who is an ardent fan of Destiny and a chess player too? Well, it is time to tease their brain with something tactical. The Chess: Destiny Collector’s Set is an incredible strategy game, featuring the beautiful figurine pieces of characters from Destiny. Playing this will not only hone your friends’ creative skills but also let them enjoy the perpetual action of Destiny.

Books & Other Presents

Hanukkah isn’t just about opening the gifts and playing the games. For many people, knowing about the history of Jews and how the Hanukkah celebrations started is also a big part of the event.  So, if you are surrounded by avid readers, you can gift them books to enlighten their spirits. Similarly, picture books can be gifted to the kids since they can’t comprehend the long and monotonous texts. Doing so will go a long way in making your kids learn the traditions and ethos of other religions.

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