Entertaining Your kids On New Years

  • by Jacob Riff

Everyone is excited to bid farewell to 2020. The year taught us so many things—practice of social distancing, remote learning, and above all, how to deal with the tough situations. But finally, we made through it!

Now, it is time to welcome 2021 with a new fervor to prove that nothing can stop us from celebrating the joys of life. Though the festivities of New Year are mainly geared towards adults, there are also a lot of ways kids can create entertaining memories. Here are some fun ideas that will make kids as happier as adults.

Countdown Arrangements

Is it really New Year’s Eve if you don’t amuse your kids with creative countdown arrangements? For a kid-friendly occasion, do something that could leave a long lasting impression on kids. You can write the hours on balloons and pop one every hour to test their patience. Similarly, you can also turn off the lights and start dancing with the glowing sticks on the tune of their favorite song. Lastly, if your kids love food, you can write the hour on cupcakes or on cookies with the condiments and ask them to eat one every hour.

Brainstorming for Bucket List

This one will not only keep the kids hooked but also enable them to plan something for the upcoming year. To do this, ask each kid about where they want to go or what games they would like to play the next year. Once you have all the ideas, pick the top twelve activities and furnish one every month. For instance, you can gift them Monopoly Gamer Nintendo Mario Bros Battle Edition Board Game in the month of January, whereas February can be picked for an outdoor activity, and so on. Doing this for all 12 months will give your kids a sense of entitlement as they would be excited to see that their wishes are being fulfilled.

Watching Fireworks

Undoubtedly, your kids would love to watch colorful fireworks sprinkling different shades in the sky. But you first need to confirm where the prominent fireworks events are going to take place. Once that is confirmed, bring in some sparklers for kids along with a warm blanket and enjoy the colorful night. You can even find some places that offer skating and other entertainment activities as your kids would never want to miss them.

Playing Games

While your kids might know how to play digital games, such as Minecraft and Mario, have they ever tried something creative?  Do they know how to shuffle, tally, and hit the right card? Well, New Year’s Eve offers an amazing opportunity to get back to basics! There are plenty of card games that can hone kids’ motor skills and enhance their focus. The UNO Disney Pixar Cars Card Matching Family Friendly Fun is one such game, offering a real-time environment of racing cars. Believe us, your kids would love to play this energetic game over and over again! 

The vibe of upcoming year would depend on what you do to celebrate its arrival. So, try your best to be as welcoming as possible to start 2021 on a pleasant note. Have a wonderful 2021 surrounded by those that really matter!


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