Archie's Most Popular Items of 2020

  • by Jacob Riff

2020 is coming to an end. Though the year is leaving behind several bitter memories that will haunt us for the years to come, there are numerous positive aspects that can overshadow the negative memories.

One among them is the passion of people for buying new products. Whether it was Halloween or Thanksgiving Day, people bought a wide array of items from us to celebrate the events, which made us believe that they were still finding new ways to enjoy the happiness. Here, we have enlisted the 7 items of 2020 that people loved the most.

IT Pennywise Collectible Doll

Terming the collectible dolls from Monster High the most sold items of 2020 would not be an exaggeration. The IT Pennywise- Collectible Doll took everyone by storm as the creators reimagined the character of Pennywise from the 1986 hit horror novel IT. If you haven’t bought it yet, now is the right time to get adventurous.

7 Wonders Board Game Ancient World Strategy

This strategy game provided creative minds with an opportunity to become the leader of their desired cities. If you are interested in fighting bloody battles to protect your supremacy, this 7 Wonders Board Game is here to fulfill your fantasies.

Mega Construx Game of Thrones Dragon Black Series Building Set

Winter has finally arrived, but you don’t have to worry because Drogon will take care of white walkers! This item was highly popular among Game of Thrones fans as it allowed them to get lost in the thrilling world of Westeros. You can use this Game of Thrones Dragon Building Set to bring Dorgon back to life from its egg.

Minecraft Overworld Steve with Diamond Armor Figure Pack

Kids’ obsession with Minecraft game needs no introduction. That was why they excitedly bought everything which was directly or indirectly related to the game. This Minecraft Overworld Diomond Steve Figure features a sharp sword, an invincible armor, and a portable helmet, all combined together to take you to the intoxicating stage of Minecraft.

Playskool Marvel’s Captain America’s Super Hero Victory Launcher

The Playskool Marvel’s Captain America Super Hero Victory Launcher was an all-time favorite for the kids who wanted to help Captain America win the battle against enemies. It showcases a stylish Capitan American figure that can be placed on the motorcycle and then loaded into the tank. Plus, you can also launch the projectiles to hit the bull’s eye.   

Beyblade Burst Evolution Digital Control Kit Fafnir F3

The Beyblade Burst Evolution Digital Control Kit allows you to counter your adversaries digitally. From boosting your blade’s speed to steering it towards different directions, you can execute a number of operations and add a gripping vibe to the battle.

Disney Descendant Dress Up Wig- Mal

Mal is a character of Disney’s fictional universe Descendant. Wearing this dark pinkish wig will make you look like the evil protagonist of Descendant, who is always finding innovative ways to create mischief. If you are interested in impressing your friend with something devilish, wearing the Disney Descendant Dress Up Wig- Mal should be your best bet.

More Popular Items

Apart from the aforementioned products, there are also several other items that people loved for their quality and entertaining vibe. Here they are:

  1. UNSC Scorpion Tank Halo Designer Series
  2. Justice League Batmobile & Batman RC Vehicle
  3. Lurch & Thing Figure From The Addams Family
  4. The Year Without a Santa Claus Heat Miser Action Figure Collectable
  5. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut Blaster 2x4 Dart Shooter
  6. The Karate Kid Daniel LaRusso Clothed Action Figure 8"
  7. Minions Station Wagon Getaway Despicable Build - Kevin Stuart Vehicle
  8. Transformers Rescue Bots Flip Racers 4-Pack Heatwave Boulder Whirl Bumblebee
  9. Harry Potter Doll Film-Inspired Collector Hogwarts Wizarding World
  10. T. Telepathic Series 2 Extra-Terrestrial 7" Action Figure

We believe that this piece would have helped you to have an idea about how the interests of people varied throughout the year. We also hope that the upcoming year would bring you joy and prosperity. Have a wonderful year ahead!


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