Unique Last-Minute Gifts For Christmas 2020

  • by Jacob Riff

Due to the relentless spread of COVID-19, experts are encouraging everyone to celebrate the Christmas at home. But does this mean you cannot show your love to the dear ones? Well, we don’t think so!

You can still show your love and care by sending your loved ones thoughtful and exciting gifts. Here are some of our imaginative gift ideas even Santa would approve of.

UNSC Scorpion Tank Halo Designer Series

Don’t you think you should gift something to your kids that can develop their motor skills? This Designer Series: UNSC Scorpion Tank will enable your kids to learn the intricacies of eye-hand coordination, dexterity, and problem solving. They would also be able to develop a customized battle tank, which could then also be converted into a combat vehicle. The amazing combinations of turrets and treads will certainly fill their Christmas with the battle fervor.


Toy trends come and go, but the dolls have always been and will continue to be one of the most cherished items for kids. Kids are drawn to the attractive models of babies because they are relatable to them. Similarly, little girls also love to cuddle the dolls, play with their hair, and dress them. So, if you know a kid who loves to play with dolls, the upcoming Christmas is the right time to give her a bedtime companion. You can gift this Barbie Made to Move Doll as it not only emulates realistic actions but also poses in different styles, thus giving your kid the joy she always desired.

Batman Gifts

Of all the superhero toys available to the kids nowadays, no one can match the repute of Batman. It is because the iconic character is invincible and thereby, has the potential to impress the kids of all ages. If your little soldiers aspire to become a crime fighter like Batman, then it is high time to fulfill their fantasy with the action-packed Batman gifts. These Justice League Batmobile and Batman PC Vehicle are highly popular among the kids as they offer the real-time thrill and excitement. The roar of the car engine, coupled with the chic Batman figure, is sure to make your kids roll in adventure.

The Year without Santa Clause Heat Miser Figure

The Year Without Santa Clause is 1974 hit television series that has left indelible marks on its fans. Heat Miser is the name of a fictional character, who was able to control fire with the insurmountable powers of his mind. Gifting this extremely attractive Heat Miser Figure will not only evoke nostalgia in your friends’ mind but also compel them to showcase the same figure to their kids. The complimentary accessories you get with the figure will also create fun-moments for little souls.  

Did you find the right item to gift this Christmas? Please let us know. You can also visit the Archie Toys to find a plethora of other amazing items that will go a long way in entertaining your kids. Happy Christmas!


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