Make Your Christmas Cooler with Monster High Collectible Dolls

  • by Jacob Riff

Have you ever seen a kid feeling sad while being around dolls? Well, we haven’t! These collectable dolls are perfect for teens and adults too.

Kids’ love for dolls knows no boundaries. Whether your little soldiers are fighting for petty things or crying relentlessly, providing them with the entertaining dolls will immediately put a smile on their face. Though you have seen your kids playing with the cute dolls plenty of times, have you ever thought of taking the excitement to the next level by gifting them scary dolls? If not, then now is the right time to do so!

Quite recently, Mattel has added two new collectible dolls for their Monster High line, thus taking the horror movie enthusiasts by storm. The characters of Pennywise from IT and Grady Twins from The Shinning have been made into eerie dolls to exaggerate the terrifying effect. If you are interested in surprising your kids with enigmatic clowns, these are worth a try!

Pennywise from IT

If you are an avid reader of horror novels, you would probably know the importance of Pennywise in the Stephan King’s famous horror novel IT. The character is the epitome of terror as it preys upon the innocent children using a wide range of manipulative powers. Mattel has personified the character through a doll that rocks a red curly hair and is dressed in costume featuring the tulle ruffles, metallic touches and organza skirt. In addition, the clown shoes with platform heels and a silky bodice with sparkling red pompoms also add to the eeriness of the character.

At Archie toys, we are offering the IT Pennywise – Collectible Doll with a red balloon, which the doll can hold. The balloon is a film-inspired accessory and will go a long way in recreating the quintessential scenes of the movie.

Grady Twins from The Shining

The Grady Twins are two little girls in the Shinning who make everyone lose their sanity. The Mattel’s embodiment of these two girls is nothing short of mysterious. These ghouls are the epitomes of fright and fab!

Each doll in the toy set wears a blue dress with lace trip, sheer sleeves, and dotted print. The sheer stockings, maze-inspired heels, and hair accessories complete their outfits. To recreate the dreadful scenes from the movie, the dolls can hold hands and showcase different accessories including a yellow ball and a Room 237 key. Archie Toys prides itself in offering you The Shinning – Grady Twins Collectible Dolls  at highly affordable cost. We go the extra mile and ensure that you can get your desired items without any hassle.

Order Now from Archie Toys

Right now, Archie Toys is the only place where you can get the aforementioned collectible dolls. We have a huge stock of these items and can sell them to you whenever you want. You can also preorder now to give your kids something spooky on the eve of Christmas. Please bear in mind that we may ship earlier than Christmas, but are not obliged to ship until Jan 5th. Please also note that we will charge the CC to reserve the preorder. So, don’t wait and get ready to create nonstop fun moments with our collectible dolls!

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