How to Celebrate Halloween with Your Kids in 2020

  • by Jacob Riff

Celebrating Halloween with your kids is energetic…. and believe it or not, chaotic as well. Indeed, things tend to go awry if you don’t give your little monsters something to entertain. Though adults like to see the severed limbs and bloodstained faces on the event, young kids prefer funny and entertaining attires, such as Captain of Pirates Costume. To cherish your kids on Halloween, you need to capture the spirit of occasion by offering them trendy food items, colorful costumes, and creative games. If you don’t know how to make this day as memorable as possible for kids, here are some imaginative ideas that will make your kids roll in joy.

Colorful Costumes

Seeing your kids wearing colorful costumes in Halloween parties will not only please your eyes, it will also amplify the overall charm of the event. Now, you must be wondering what types of costumes your kids should be wearing?

Fortunately, Archie's Toys has a wonderland of Halloween costumes for kids, including fruit garbs, sweat pants, and animal skins. In addition, you can also get iconic outfits of famous movie or game characters to put a smile on your kids’ face.  If your kid’s favorite movie is Zootopia, you can gift him/her the Zootopia Juddy Hopps costume. Similarly, if they are obsessed with How to Train Your Dragon, you can satiate their cravings by giving them the Dragon Toothless  Classic Kids costume.

Playing Different Games

Though the celebrations might be a bit scaled down this year due to COVID-19, you can still get plenty of fun if you are with your kids. Your little angels will love playing different games and do not feel tired even after burning so much energy.

 From the entertaining games, such as pumpkin checkers and candy jenga to the more challenging ones, including the dark-ring toss and charades, there are countless entertaining pastimes that can keep the kids hooked. In addition, you can also play different songs and dance with your kids to give them a sense of entitlement.  Wearing the Captain America attire and dancing on the Avenger’s soundtrack with your kids will certainly skyrocket the entertaining ambience of the Halloween party.

Halloween Appetizers

Once your kids have played games and enjoyed the charm of Halloween costumes, it is time to quash their hunger with something delectable. However, keep in mind that it is not the time to settle for usual go-to dishes. Instead, you should complement the Halloween party with spooky eatables and make enigmatic shapes with snacks, burgers and doughnuts to convert the food into ghastly items.

From sweat treats and savory chips to the colorful cupcakes and brown cookies, everything can be transformed into your kids’ favorite skeletons, spiders, ghosts and phantoms. When your kids see that you are actively participating with them in all the funny activities, they would never want to stop enjoying the festivities of Halloween.

Bottom Line

The next Halloween is just a few days away, and it is crucial show your pleasure and creativity to the kids in order to take the excitement of this holiday to the next level. The aforementioned ideas are comprehensive and will certainly leave a long-lasting impression on your kids’ minds. Last but not least, if you want to reference our Halloween party costume ideas on our Instagram to diversify the delight, do so without any hesitation. Happy Halloween!

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