Keep the Kids Busy During Holidays With These Activities

  • by Jacob Riff

The fascination of kids for holiday season knows no boundaries.  Indeed, vacations are the most charming phenomenon every school-going kid wants to endure again and again. Apart from offering memorable days to the minors, holidays also enable the elder ones to let their inner kid come out and submerge in the amusing activities. But this full-of-fun season can invite unwarranted stress if you don’t take care of the kids’ boredom. Your kids can misbehave and create mischief if they don’t find anything interesting. Therefore, it is crucial to keep them entertained to prevent the dreaded boredom from setting in.

Here are some useful ideas that will keep your kids hooked throughout the holidays.

Let the Games Begin!

Board games and sports activities have time and again proven to be extremely prolific to divert kids’ attention. Apart from playing hide-and-seek and parachute games with them, you can also introduce the tame ones, including ludo, snakes and ladder, and mousetrap. If you notice that they are losing interest in simple games, you can raise the bar by challenging them with tougher ones, including building a house of card or wiggling the face. Though you can also allow them to play video games, always ensure that they do not get addictive.

The Joy of Toys

If you want your kids to play independently and use their imagination, providing them with toys should be your best bet. Toys not only enable kids to hone their mental skills, they also foster independent play, something that you direly need when you are busy. For example, you can let them play with the Funko Soda Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Collectable TMNT Figure as they would love to manipulate the objects and spin the fantasies. Similarly, Super7 Transformers Alpha Trion Reaction Action Figure will allow your kids to see their favorite characters in action.

Tell a Story

Giving your little ones a story-starter will go a long way in entertaining them. But it is imperative not to bore the innocent souls with complicated stories as they would not comprehend even a single phrase. “Today, I went into a jungle and saw a giant____________.” When you ask them to fill in the blank, they would start competing with each other excitingly. Subsequently, ask them to start a sentence so that you can fill in the blank this time. Sitting with your kids in a circle and making up different stories will skyrocket their joy.

Book Reading

A child who reads will be an adult who thinks. So, don’t you want to encourage your kids to befriend books so they can be creative and articulate? Reading something on a daily basis will not only enable the kids to learn new words, it will also hone their analytical skills. Most importantly, it will keep them busy as they would love to tell each other what they have read. Once you see that the kids are getting bored during holidays, you can start by giving them the books from Harry Potter series so that they can learn about Harry Potter Advent Calendar.

Bottom Line

Holidays offer us an amazing opportunity to bond with our kids and teach them something useful. All the creative ideas discussed above will not only prevent you from unnecessary hassle but also allow you to reconnect with your loved ones. However, things will work best if you plan everything in advance. Happy Holidays!

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